COMMUNITY DINING ROOM: Provide the children of our sector and the elderly in the community a daily lunch, with this initiative we intend to fight hunger in these neighborhoods. The eradication of the lack of nutrients among the population formed and in the training stage will guarantee us the physical and mental disposition of the people to advance the activities to be developed in the learning process and of programmed activities. It requires: Donation of food for the restaurant Construction of an adequate kitchen to meet the growing demand Donation of gas for cooking food Donation of kitchen utensils.


Godfather Plan

GODFATHER PLAN The Godfather Plan is a program of the Foundation where men and women can participate in a community and social management way of the Special Programs, whose objective is to support community dining projects and more projects that contribute to the coverage and quality goals of Life of our Little ones. Help us change the life of one of these children and / or older adults with a Monthly donation of what fits your possibilities.


Volunteering is a space for men and women who wish to join our noble cause by actively participating in our work and being within the Foundation.

Your monthly donation of US $ 31 will give your sponsored person access to benefits such as medical support, educational support, support in their basic needs. As a sponsor (Godmother), you can see with your own eyes the impact of your generosity through letters and photos of your child. You can even visit him.



- The accompaniment to mothers heads of families with a basic market monthly, in this way we also support families in their nutrition and development. - We receive new or second clothes in good condition to share - Ludic Workshops, recreational spaces and more. - Integral Assistance.