About us

The foundation of the Ligth mission of Christ is projected to generate significant changes in the most vulnerable, support the elderly, the sick and realize the dreams of children in vulnerable situations in the marginalized neighborhoods of the communes of Medellín.


Today you can become a Godfather (Godmother) and be the Angel for Him (She) The Luz de Cristo Mission Foundation was founded in 2012, by a team of volunteers led by Javier A. Triana, who with much effort has made it fulfill its corporate purpose. The Foundation is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Duitama - Boyacá, with Registration Number Nit: 900573923-6, but it has its Headquarters and social work in the City of Medellín - Antioquia, this in the Republic of Colombia.


Develop and promote projects that benefit the population with limited resources in relation to education, health, food, job training, recreation, psychological assistance, etc. wanting to generate in the families the healthy coexistence, the adequate use of free time and the value of respect in all its forms. We assist children, the elderly, mothers, widows, drug addicts, alcoholics, the sick and the helpless, as a living manifestation and expression of fraternal Charity understood from the love of God as our motto says LOVING GOD IN OUR BROTHERS.